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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Gallery

"Dr. Le is amazing! She gave me the smile I was made to have! I was very uncomfortable with my smile. I delayed a full smile makeover because I did not want to jump into something I wasn’t 100% certain of. Dr. Le. has the latest technology and products that helped transform my smile to a very natural one! Her comprehensive and thorough assessments are what made me comfortable and confident to continue with my cosmetic treatment. I am now proud of and in love with my smile!" - Kat

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Excellent cosmetic dentistry will provide you with a beautiful smile that is a powerful asset, but it can also have other significant and comprehensive benefits you might not have considered. When your teeth are healthy, strong and attractive, it has a positive effect on your sense of well-being, providing you with confidence, and most importantly, good oral health protects your general health. When you can bite and chew food comfortably, your body benefits from an optimal level of nutrition, and of course, mealtimes are more enjoyable.

When you initially have a consultation for cosmetic dentistry, our dentist Dr. Le will carefully examine your teeth and jaws. It is crucial to ensure you have good dental health and that any existing oral health problems are resolved before or during treatment so that you can enjoy the outcome for as long as possible.

We Take the Time to Listen to You

A dental exam is essential, but so is spending some time just talking to you and listening to your goals and desires for treatment. Dr. Le values this time with her patients and learning about what they would like to achieve. It is only by understanding and getting to know you, that we can provide the most suitable treatment plan. We aim to ensure every cosmetic dental treatment is safe and appropriate, providing you with a beautiful smile that is naturally healthy.

Every Aspect of Your Oral Health is Considered

Every cosmetic dentistry plan is fully customized for our patients, to effectively restore and renew your teeth, giving you a healthy, attractive and fully functional smile. As with all our services, we aim to protect and preserve your natural teeth and to provide you with a treatment outcome that lasts for longer, regardless of whether you require a straightforward tooth whitening, new dental fillings, or a more complex smile makeover.

Restoring Your Smile

Often treatments that will help to improve appearance will also restore dental health, for example, composite tooth-colored fillings restore sections of tooth lost to trauma or disease. Porcelain crowns cover or ‘cap’ a severely damaged tooth entirely, restoring its shape, structure, and strength. Porcelain bridges replace teeth which are missing, filling in unsightly gaps with replacement teeth that look and feel natural so you can smile, talk, bite and chew in complete comfort. The most advanced porcelain crowns and bridges are all-ceramic and are an excellent choice where metal sensitivities or aesthetics are particularly important.

Renewing the Appearance of Your Teeth

Other cosmetic dental treatments are oriented more towards improving the overall appearance of your teeth. The most popular of these is a professional tooth whitening treatment which can safely and efficiently remove deep-seated stains in your tooth enamel, lifting the color by several shades to create a naturally healthy-looking smile.  Porcelain veneers are custom-made to cover the front surfaces of teeth, hiding chips and cracks and internal stains in teeth. Minimal tooth preparation is needed, and porcelain veneers are durable and robust once bonded onto your teeth.

When suitable, we also provide Lumineers, an advanced brand of veneers requiring minimal or no tooth preparation and which are stronger and thinner than traditional veneers.

Combining Treatments in Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers use more than one treatment to obtain the desired effect, and this is an approach that can be more conservative. Porcelain veneers are just one example. Rather than veneering all the teeth visible when you smile, it might only be necessary to veneer one or two teeth which are chipped, worn or internally stained, after first completing a professional tooth whitening treatment. When creating smile makeovers, Dr. Le always focuses on providing optimum solutions in the least invasive manner, preserving, protecting and enhancing the appearance of your natural teeth.

Safely and Effectively Rejuvenating Your Smile

Whichever cosmetic dental procedures you choose, you are assured of receiving biologically safe treatments utilizing the latest materials and technologies. At Ahwatukee Dentistry, we specialize in providing gentle and compassionate care, and in providing our patients with all the knowledge required to maintain healthy smiles, we hope, for life.

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